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Workplace Mediation Training

What is Workplace Mediation?


Managing conflict in the workplace is becoming increasingly challenging. The CBI (Confederation of British Industry) estimates that conflict is taking up to 20% of leadership time, resulting in loss of productivity and an increase in absenteeism with up to 370 million working days lost.  


In 2011, the Government introduced a series of law reforms one of which was the introduction of a Code of practice encouraging the early resolution of workplace disagreements.


Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution approach which offers an informal, structured process in which an independent third party, a mediator, helps people in a disagreement or dispute to create a way forward. It is future focused, moving emphasis from how things have been, towards a healthy working relationship with mutually agreed practical solutions to the issues which have held them back in the past. Mediation can also be used where there is conflict within teams.


The ADR Group offers a comprehensive mediator training programme and also provide dispute and conflict resolution training courses to help improve mediation skills and work based management of conflict -  suitable for all levels and disciplines within an organisation.


How to Become a Workplace Mediator

ADR Group's five day practical programme provides detailed and comprehensive tuition for management, HR and legal professionals seeking to acquire comprehensive workplace mediation accreditation.

Completing and passing the course leads to full ADR Group Accredited Workplace Mediator status meeting UK and European standards in mediation recognised by the Civil Mediation Council, Bar Council and the Law Society of England and Wales.



Who should become a Workplace Mediator?


Our Workplace Mediator Training Programme is designed and aimed towards any person wishing to practice as a workplace mediator. The skills and approach of our mediation training lends itself to a wide range of disciplines – to include:





Module I - Five Day: Intensive Practical Training


This concentrated module involves workplace mediation’s core competencies; planning and organisation, process management, communication skills, facilitation and creative problem solving. Uniquely, ADR Group's Workplace Mediator Training Programme offers, alongside the core subject areas, specialist instruction in psychology.


Delegates will be involved in role-play mediation sessions, group discussions and practical exercises in order to practice the skills being learned.


Delegate assessments will be conducted throughout the course and will conclude with a final video recorded assessment of a role-play on day 5 in which delegates will be required to demonstrate the practical application of skills and core mediator competencies.  The video recording will be retained for external moderation.


CPD: 40 Hours 



Module II - Written Assessment


Delegates will be asked to produce an assessed written assignment, relating to what you have learned and how it can be applied in your organisation or area of expertise.

Workplace Mediation Training course schedule

Date Location Cost Brochure Options
20th - 24th February 2017 London £1950.00
8th - 12th May 2017 London £1950.00
16th - 20th October 2017 London £1950.00

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