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International markets are more accessible to the general public than ever, especially with the online revolution. With the expansion of internet use, consumers have access to a variety of websites and products, and within Europe consumers do not incur additional taxes or duties for the transportation of any purchases. However, with consumers being able to buy products with ease from different EU member countries through the internet, this has also created difficulties when trying to resolve disputes arising between a consumer and a trader.  After recognizing the existence and extent of the problem, the European Parliament has presented an extremely interesting, accessible and low-cost solution for the consumer, by introducing Regulation (EU) No. 524-2013 and 2013-11-EC Directive.


1. Directive 2013/11/EC applies to the out of court resolution, of domestic and cross-border disputes in regards to contractual obligations  arising from sales contracts or service contracts between a trader established in the EU and consumers residing in the EU, through the intervention of an ADR entity which proposes a solution or facilitates settlement between them. The Directive provides full coverage of consumer disputes through ADR at European level either when the transactions are digital or conventional. It covers consumer claims to traders and concerns all contractual differences in each market sector (eg. travel, banking, etc.) and in each Member State. The deadline for the integration of the Directive into national legislation was set to July 9th, 2015.


2. The Regulation 524/2013 on Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) enables EU consumers and traders to submit any disputes arising from online transactions to the ODR process, which has the form of an interactive website. Consumers will be able to submit a complaint online via the ODR platform, in the language of their choice. The Regulation came into force on January 9th, 2016.


ADRGroup, recognizing the opportunities arising from the ODR process, created an innovative training program for those interested to work as mediators in ODR cases.


The International Online Mediation training course is delivered using one of the most sophisticated multi-user video collaboration software called  We invite delegates from all over the world to apply for the courses which we currently run in English and Greek.  Once booked on to your course parties will be sent a link prior to the mediation and they can access the online mediation room, through a PC/Mac, tablet or smart phone.  All the users need is an Internet connection.  Our trainings are scheduled at various times suitable to schedules of mediators located anywhere in the world. It is intended to supplement the skills of already trained mediators.


We have found that mediators trained in our program will be using this in their practice to either supplement the in-person mediations now being conducted, and in some cases as a substitute for in-person mediations to save costs for clients where that is a concern.


The basic training is designed for already qualified mediators who have completed a minimum 40 hour training course with a competent mediation training organization.


ADR Group, through this platform will offer training courses globally, at dates and times convenient to trainees regardless of location. Trainees may find themselves in courses with people from different parts of the globe, all of which will enrich the training experience and broaden one’s network.


After successful completion of the course, you will earn the title "ADRg Accredited Online Mediator"


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