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Why ADR Group and Mediation?

ADR Group is the oldest provider of mediation services and training in Europe. This programme draws on their enormous depth of knowledge and experience to bring you the best in mediation education.  ADR Group’s educational programmes are practically orientated and focussed on equipping you with the skills you need to perform well at mediation - either as a representative or as a mediator – and leads to ADR Group Accredited Mediator Status.


Mediation is one of the fastest growing areas of legal practise.  Nearly every major law firm and most smaller ones have opened specialist mediation divisions to reflect the fact that mediation has become the preferred mechanism for settling civil, business, workplace and employment disputes in the UK, the Commonwealth and internationally.


The course provides practical global exposure through regular mock sessions, continuous feedback and real world examples.


How does the international educational programme work?
The educational programmes are skills based and intensely practical with over 70% of your time spent in hands-on observed mediation sessions.  The programme is presented by highly experienced tutors and mediation practitioners who give comprehensive feedback and guidance throughout. 



The personal learning format provides a rich and stimulating environment with plenty of opportunities to interact with the course trainers and fellow candidates.  Case study mediation exercises, group discussions and de-briefing sessions enable you to practise the skills you have learned.  We create a thought-provoking and challenging educational environment and the tutors are available throughout the programme to discuss any aspect of the course or practical difficulties that emerge with you.



How is this programme assessed?

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