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International Mediation Advocacy Programme

As mediation grows around the world, there has become a need to develop the role of those who represent clients in mediation.  Effective mediation advocacy can be the difference between getting a deal and getting ‘the right’ deal for your client. Being able to advise on the suitability of mediation to negotiating effectively in caucus mediation.  There are several programmes on mediation advocacy globally, but none of these are more rigorous in the assessment process to create a high quality qualification.  This 20-hour course provides complete and up-to-date training on advising and representing clients at a mediation as well as training on negotiation skills.


Successful completion of the course and passing of assessments provides an internationally recognised mark of quality in ADR Group accreditation.



Programme Objectives:


The course aims to provide:




Course Outcomes:


On successful completion of the course and assessments you will be accredited as an ADR Group Civil and Commercial Mediation Advocate, able to practice with increased confidence, knowledge and expertise. Further, our mark of quality can help distinguish your legal practice from competitors in this rapidly developing field.


Attendance accrues 14 hours CPD

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