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Family Mediation Training


About Family Mediation:


Family Mediation can be challenging as well as rewarding work requiring the ability to reflect upon and enter into critique, as well as having the ability to produce professional documents to tight timescales.



Who should become a Family Mediator?


The Family Mediator Foundation Training Course is essential for all candidates who wish to appear on the FMC (Family Mediation Council) website as supported by the Ministry of Justice.



Family Mediation is good for those with a background in Family Law but not essential.  Those who also have experience within social science, or therapy/counselling professions can be considered to enter the foundation course.


Please note that pursuant to FMC requirements, in order to participate in the training, you must demonstrate that you:

- have the ability to work at graduate level, either through possession of a degree or equivalent-level professional qualification, or     experience of work in a role that requires an equivalent level of thinking and application,

- be fluent in written and spoken English and

- have the ability to work with conflicts and manage interpersonal relationships at a professional level, gained either through typically two or three years’ experience as a professional dealing with families, or a similar amount of time as a mediator or non-adversarial dispute resolution practitioner in another field. 


Family Mediation requires a personable, patient, articulate and assertive type of individual who has good listening skills and practical experience of working with individuals and couples.

Family Mediation Training course schedule

Date Location Cost Brochure Options
12th - 14th June, 26th-27th June and 5th - 7th July 2017 IDRC, 70 Fleet Street, London £2450.00

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