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Civil & Commercial Mediation Training


How to Become a Civil/Commercial Mediator

Follow our two step training programme to become an ADR Group Accredited Civil/Commercial Mediator recognised by the Civil Mediation Council, Bar Council and the Law Society of England and Wales.


Five Day: Intensive Practical Training


Delegates will attend one of ADR Group's practical training courses which are held in various locations around Cyprus. See below for Dates & Costs


This intensive module involves tutoring in mediation's core competencies; planning & organisation, process management, communication skills, facilitation and create problem solving. Delegates will be involved in role-playing mediation sessions, group discussions and practical exercises in order to practice the skills being learned.


Delegate assessment will be conducted throughout the course and will conclude with a final video recorded assessment of a role-play on day five in which delegates will be required to demonstrate the practical application of skills and core mediator competencies. The video recording will be retained for external moderation.


On successful completion you will be awarded the status of an ADR Group Accredited Civil/Commercial Mediator.


CPD: 40 Hours


International Mediation Advocate Programme


Mediation advocacy


As mediation grows around the world, there has become a need to develop the role of those who represent clients in mediation. Effective mediation advocacy can be the difference between getting a deal and getting ‘the right’ deal for your client. Being able to advise on the suitability of mediation to negotiating effectively in caucus mediation. There are several programmes on mediation advocacy globally, but none of these are more rigorous in the assessment process to create a high quality qualification. This 20-hour course provides complete and up-to-date training on advising and representing clients at a mediation as well as training on negotiation skills. Successful completion of the course and passing of assessments provides an internationally recognised mark of quality in ADR Group accreditation.


Prestigious accreditation


In this fast evolving sphere of legal practice reputation is key and the ADR Group’s mark of quality is recognised all around the world. This course is aligned broadly with International Mediation Institute (IMI) standards and has been developed by an international team of ADR specialist. With intensive training, hands on practice and rigorous assessments, we will provide you with a prestigious accreditation in Mediation Advocacy.


Benefits of training with ADR Group


Choosing the right organisation to trust with your professional development is important. ADR Group is the UK’s first established mediation service provider. As a founding member of the Civil Mediation Council, we have earned a highly regarded reputation in quality, professionalism and diversity of practice. Our expertise in all things mediation has developed over a long period of time through association with distinguished experts and continual renovation of our courses. With ISO 9002 accreditation and rigorous quality review processes, we are widely acknowledged as a leader in the field of mediation training. It is with a long history of excellence and association with some of the world’s leading experts that we have developed our International Mediation Advocacy Programme (IMAP).


Who should attend?


IMAP is designed to be a self-contained training programme, appropriate for a top-up to seasoned professionals or an immersive entry gate for new participants in this field. IMAP provides an essential skill set of information for advice and practical exercises for use in live mediations. We recommend this course to:



Course outcomes


On successful completion of the course and assessments you will be accredited as an ADR Group Civil and Commercial Mediation Advocate, able to practice with increased confidence, knowledge and expertise. Further, our mark of quality can help distinguish your legal practice from competitors in this rapidly developing field.

Attendance accrues 12 hours CPD, over a two-day training, for the Law Society & General Council of Bar of England and Wales and for the Cyprus Bar Association.


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