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Civil & Commercial Mediation Training

How to Become a Civil/Commercial Mediator

Follow our three step training programme to become an ADR Group Accredited Civil/Commercial Mediator recognised by the Civil Mediation Council, Bar Council and the Law Society of England and Wales.


Module I - Introduction to Mediation: Skills & Techniques


Our introduction to mediation skills and techniques course is provided in a distance learning format and can be worked though entirely at your leisure with no time lost from your normal working day.

This initial phase gives you an insight into the history and theory of mediation. The programme takes you through specific tutorials and case studies together with six exercises which must be submitted to ADRg prior to attending Module II.


CPD: 12 Hours Pass Mark: 70%



Module II - Five Day: Intensive Practical Training


Upon successful completion of Module I delegates can attend one of ADR Group's practical training courses which are held in various locations around the UK. See below for Dates & Costs


This intensive module involves tutoring in mediation's core competencies; planning & organisation, process management, communication skills, facilitation and create problem solving. Delegates will be involved in role-playing mediation sessions, group discussions and practical exercises in order to practice the skills being learned.


Delegate assessment will be conducted throughout the course and will conclude with a final video recorded assessment of a role-play on day five in which delegates will be required to demonstrate the practical application of skills and core mediator competencies. The video recording will be retained for external moderation.


On successful completion of Modules I & II you will be awarded the status of an ADR Group Accredited Civil/Commercial Mediator.


CPD: 40 Hours



Who Should Become a Civil & Commercial Mediator?

The Civil & Commercial Mediator Training Programme is essential for any professional wanting to practice as a mediator. The skills obtained form part of an essential management toolkit for:




Course Prerequisites

In order to fully engage in the role play aspects of the course, particpants require a strong command of the English language.  If you have any concerns in this regard, please call us to disuss further prior to the course.

There are no other particular course pre-requisites other than willingness to engage in shared learning through role plays and interactive exercises.  Knowledge of law is helpful but not essential.



Quality Assurance

Civil & Commercial Mediation Training course schedule

Date Location Cost Brochure Options
23rd - 27th January 2017 London £3450.00
27th - 31st March 2017 London £3450.00
15th - 19th May 2017 London £3450.00
10th - 14th July 2017 London £3450.00
25th - 29th September 2017 London £3450.00
20th - 24th November 2017 London £3450.00

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