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1 Day Course - How to Improve Communication and Trust Between Separated Parents

Family mediators see far too often that the breakdown of communication and trust are the most common causes of parental conflict. The long term success of any arrangement made for children depends on their parents’ ability to communicate effectively and establish sufficient trust.  The mediator can play a vital role in helping parents achieve this.  

This interactive one day course will focus on the issues associated with working with separated parents in family mediation and looking at ways to improve communication and trust between parents for the betterment of the child.  

Course Objectives

The course is designed to equip family mediators with the skills on how to identify the root cause of the breakdown in trust and communication and how to encourage couples to move on from this, enabling them to communicate better, accept differences and co-parent more effectively. 

The day will also provide an opportunity for family mediators to share experience and best practice


Learning Outcomes

-  The theoretical approaches to effective communication – how to go from complete breakdown to breaking the deadlock

-  The psychological aspects of trust and how to encourage parents to re-build this to effectively work together

-  New approaches to how you mediate – varying the model

-  What you bring to mediation and what more you can do


Course Tutor - Nicholas von Benzon

Nicholas is a highly respected family mediator and PPC with over 25 years’ experience.  Prior to becoming a full time family mediator and trainer, Nicholas trained as a solicitor specialising in family law and civil litigation.  He is also qualified as a Relate couples’ and young persons’ counsellor.  He has trained in therapeutic mediation and worked with young people facing eviction from their family home.  Nicholas runs his own mediation practice where Mediators, counsellors and therapists work alongside each other to help people make new beginnings and create a better future.


Contact the Training team for further details and a booking form.  Spaces are limited.


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