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ADR Net is the home of the independent mediator, whether you are an individual mediator practicing on your own or a partner within a legal or professional practice.  We are home to mediators of all levels of experience and across all disciplines.

Membership of ADR Net offers a unique environment where mediators can develop their specialist skills by being part of a thriving and active network of like-minded colleagues.

If your ambition is to develop a viable and strong mediation career, look no further than ADR Net.  We are entrepreneurial, inspirational and creative.  Just like mediation.  Choosing the right professional home can make a huge difference to your career.  Our reputation, integrity and professionalism are unsurpassed in the field of mediation due to the dedication and commitment of our member mediators.  You can be part of this professional group.

What is ADR Net?
ADR Net Limited is a company limited by guarantee and is the membership network body of ADR Group, the UK's foremost mediation provider.  ADR Group is the jointly owned trading name of ADR Net Limited.  ADR Net is governed by a Board of Directorson behalf of the membership.  The current Chairman is Kerry Gwyther. 

Why should I join ADR Net?
Mediators of all levels of experience often have difficulty in securing a steady flow of mediation referrals.  To be a successful mediator there is no substitute for hard work and sheer determination.  Being part of a specialist organisation that can work with you and help promote you as an independent mediator can be an invaluable asset in the development of your career.  The kudos of being trained and associated with ADR Net is a powerful endorsement to your reputation.

Can I expect ADR Net to provide me with mediation appointments?
The is probably one of the most commonly asked questions.  ADR Group is different to other mediation providers in the UK.  We have no internal mediators and do not cherry pick the best cases for specific mediators.  Each and every member has an equal opportunity of being appointed by the parties for a mediation.  So to answer your question, we do not guarantee that you wil receive mediation referrals, but we do undertake to market and promote you as an independent mediator and to align and support your own efforts in developing your career.

What is unique about ADR Net Membership?
You.  When you join ADR Net you become a member of a dedicated group of professionals committed to mediation.  Reputations take years to build and hours to destroy.  Being a professional mediator is often a lonely existence.  The networking and support infrastructure offered by ADR Net helps develop your career as a mediator through opportunity, guidance and mentoring support.  We are small enough to care about you personally, but big enough to create opportunities nationally and internationally.  We are unique because of the depth of experience, character and individuality of each of our mediators.

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