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Mediation Training in Greece

ADRg Greece is a provider of mediation with the Mediation Insittute of Thessaloniki, Greece. ADRg’s Civil & Commercial Mediator Training Programme provides detailed and comprehensive tuition for professionals seeking to acquire core mediation skills.  Our courses have continually evolved in association with distinguished experts to ensure that they reflect the latest thinking and practice in the field of alternative dispute resolution.


The course aims to help you to:


Completing and passing ADRg’s Civil and Commercial Mediator Training Programme will enable you to become a fully accredited mediator meeting European standards in mediation.


Delegates who have successfully completed our programme will also be eligible to apply for US accreditation with the International Academy of Dispute Resolution (INADR).  ADR Group recently formed a corporate partnership with INADR based in Chicago. This new initiative now allows our graduates to obtain dual accreditation as both a recognised ADR Group and INADR mediator.  INADR accreditation satisfies the current requirements in the majority of court mediation programmes in the USA.  This endorsement will ensure ADR Group mediators are able to participate in these schemes.  ADR Group is the only organisation able to offer dual accreditation for both England and USA standards.


ADR Group has worked in countries all over the world to help develop and implement private and Court based mediation programmes in addition to creating sustainable ADR infrastructures. In every jurisdiction training and practicing requirements vary. Using this wealth of experience ADR Group have continually developed their training programme to ensure it meets at least the minimum standards of every country in which we have worked


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