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Mediation is a method of resolving disputes between two or more parties, addressing the real issues and obstacles behind conflict with concrete effects.  The Mediator, a neutral third party, assists the parties in negotiating a mutually agreeable settlement which is often enforceable by law. 


Participation in mediation is voluntary and the process is private and confidential, it brings structure that ordinary negotiation lacks.  The decision to settle and the terms of an agreement rest solely with the parties themselves, not the mediator and not a Judge.  Over 80% of mediations settle on the day or shortly there after, making it an attractive alternative to drawn out litigation, whilst reducing your legal costs and the stress associated with taking a dispute to trial. 


A successful outcome often depends on the mediator’s skill and training.  ADR Group only appoint ADR Group accredited mediators to deal with your dispute.  This means we are able to monitor levels of training, ability and success rate.  We manage hundreds of mediation appointments every year making us one of the busiest and most popular providers in the country.


Selecting the right mediator for your dispute is extremely important.  Our dedicated case advisors are on hand to offer advice and see that both your requirements and expectations are met in full.  ADR Group offer no obligation fee quotations meaning you know the total cost of the mediation process from the outset, with no hidden costs.


Please feel free to contact our case advisors either by telephone on 020 3600 5050 or by e-mail at

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