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ADR Group has been operating in over 30 countires since 1989 when we were established in the UK.  Over the years, we have worked with and continue to work with, private and international donor agencies including the World Bank Group, IFC, DIFD, Europe Aid, European Stability Pact, European Commission (PHARE) and the British Council.


We have helped over 15 countries develop and implement private and Court based mediation programmes, in addition to creating sustainable ADR infrastructures.


Judicial training is a core focus of our development programmes as the role of the judiciary is often viewed as essential in the acceptance of mediation as a viable dispute resolution mechanism. Our knowledge transfer policy and international training programmes are universally recognised.


As ADR becomes more popular around the world, ADR Group is strategically developing offices to support our TEACH, TALK, and RESOLVE brand.  Our aim is to create world class dispute resolution professionals who will help their own countires to become beacons in ADR.  Over the years we have developed expertise in civil / commercial, workplace, family, ODR and Peer.  Each of these core areas are all updated keeping in mind local / cultural aspects and dimensions.  


We operate in the UK, Europe, USA  to name a few. 


ADR Groups firm belief is that there is no 'one size fits all'.   






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