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Civil & Commercial Panel

The ADR Group Panel is a nationwide panel of accredited mediators who have elected to train and qualify as mediators through ADR Group’s highly acclaimed mediator training course. The reputation and experience of ADR Group mediators is well known and highly regarded. If you wish to appoint any of the mediators on our Members list please contact the Dispute Resolution Services team on 020 3600 5050 or by e-mail at


Adrian Jackson
Alan Elias
Alan Hendon
Alex Jakubowski
Ali Tabari
Alisdair Butler
Allis Beasley
Andrew Fearn
Anna Roffey
Anthony Fincham
Anthony Marks
Caroline DeLaney
Ceri Ellis-Jones
Charles Powell
Christopher Wiggin
Colin Herrman
David Foster
David Griffiths
David Harris

David Hooper
Duncan Aldred
Gary Webber

Georgia Lay
James Davies
Jane Senior
Jeff Lewis
Jenny Green
Jeremy Grose
John French
John Sheath
Jonathan Arkush
Jonathan Lux
Kerry Gwyther
Mark Hacking
Mark Keeley
Mark Walkington
Martin McCloskey
Michael Wood
Nick Parker

Nigel Tillott
Nino Simone
Paul Balen
Paul Grimwood
Paul Joseph
Paul Newman
Paul Whittle
Peter McHugh
Peter McLoughlin
Rebecca Attree
Rebecca Clark
Richard Hugill
Stephen Levinson
Stephen Walker
Stephen White
Tim Hardy
Tim Jones
Tim Richards
Toby Walker




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