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Arbitration is a formal and private method of dispute resolution where cases are resolved by the decision (award) of one or more independent arbitrators.  The Arbitrator will review evidence and impose a decision that is both legally binding and enforceable in law.  Parties can agree to bear there own costs or be bound by a costs award determined by the Arbitrator. 


In contrast to litigation, parties are able to choose the Arbitrator(s).  This is especially useful when the subject matter is highly technical and requires a degree of expert knowledge (for example quantity surveying, construction or property law). Arbitration is cheaper and quicker than taking a dispute to court and awards are non-public and can be made confidential.


To ensure you appoint the highest quality Arbitrator to deal with your dispute, ADR Group will only appoint Arbitrators who have qualified with and are registered with the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.  


Selecting the right Arbitrator for your dispute is extremely important.  Our dedicated case advisors are on hand to offer advice and see that both your requirements and expectations are met in full.  ADR Group offer no obligation fee quotations meaning you know the total cost of the arbitration process from the outset, with no hidden costs.


Please feel free to contact our case advisors either by telephone on 020 3600 5050 or by e-mail at


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