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ADRg Greece - Lead Representative


ADRg Greece - Lead Representative

Zoe Giannopoulou PhD– Lawyer and Accredited Mediator 



Zoe Giannopoulou is a practicing Lawyer in the field of corporate business and commercial law and holds a PhD on European and Economic Law. She is an Accredited Mediator in Civil and Commercial disputes and an Accredited Trainer for Mediators, by the Greek Ministry of Justice, an ADRg UK Civil and Commercial, Family and Workplace Accredited Mediator and an Accredited Mediator by the International Academy of Dispute Resolution (InADR USA). Zoe brings a combination of legal experience and international dispute resolution since 1999.


Zoe undertook the first mediation in Thessaloniki and has since developed a strong practice in ADR. Zoe has a warm and calm personality coupled with a practical and problem-solving approach to helping the parties achieve a workable agreement. 


Zoe is the lead representative for ADRg in Greece and Cyprus and is responsible for all of ADRg’s activities including Online Dispute Resolution, Peer Mediation, Case Management and Membership.  She is also a senior member of the ADR Group International Education and Training Faculty, a member of Thessaloniki’s Bar Mediation Committee and a mediator at the «Greek Franchise Association».


She is the deputy President of Mediator’s Accreditation Committee at the Ministry of Justice, a member of the Committee for the Promotion of  Mediation at the Ministry of Justice and a founding member of  “Greek Mediation Institute”.


Zoe regularly writes and broadcasts on legal matters. Zoe is known for explaining complex legal and political issues to a lay audience. Among others: The EU Mediation Directive and the commercial approach to mediation on cross-border disputes, The new bankruptcy Law in Greece. The role of  the mediator in the procedure (Bulletin of Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Mediation in Greece, “Current trends – future opportunities”. “Mediation in Russia, Bulgaria and Turkey” Aggelioforos Journal.


She has been giving lectures and seminars in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice, The National School of Judges, Bar Associations, Chambers of Commerce, the Association of Greek Commercialists, ERA, ACT, IHU and FRA and she participates as a professional mediator and judge in many international commercial mediation competitions (ICC, InADR US, ADRg UK). She is an UIA World Mediation Forum Advisor and an MBA Lecturer at the American College of Thessaloniki in the field of Conflict Resolution.


She is a member of the Board of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Northern Greece) and a Member of Charity Organisations, including American Farm School, MDA and Elepap). She lives in Greece with her husband and two children. In her spare time she enjoys swimming, skiing, travelling and reading.



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