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Administration of Your Direct Cases

Administration of Your Direct Cases ADRg offers an administration service for your cases at a cost £150 plus VAT. How does this work? This service is only available to ADRg members. Once you have agreed with the parties that you will conduct the mediation, you should then inform ADRg. We will then contact the parties and inform them that all administration will be handled by ADRg. Administration will include: Negotiate your fee with the parties Make the necessary logistical arrangements Ensure that the parties are fully prepped and understand their respective roles on the day Provide you with the necessary paperwork including ADRg’s standard preparation and procedure documents Confirm all the final details in writing with you and the parties How much does this cost?The cost of the service is £150 + VAT. This is Irrespective of the size or complexity of the claim. Contact If you are interested or would like further information contact Mark Belford on +44 (0)20 600 5050

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